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Role Players 2024

Neeti Sharma

TeamLease Services Limited

Neeti Sharma is the CEO of TeamLease Digital, a subsidiary of TeamLease Services Limited, which offers technology staffing services in IT, ITeS, Telecom, Engineering, EdTech, HealthTech and Gaming industries. TeamLease Digital has today emerged as one of the largest technology professional staffing services providers in the country.

TeamLease Digital has hired over 80,000+ professionals since its inception, has over 7,300+ associates currently deployed with 150+ Fortune 500 clients and has over 7,000+ open jobs every day. TeamLease Digital has been creating business impact for its clients by matching their needs with best resources available in the market, in a quick and cost efficient way, and having one of the best professional hiring engines in the staffing industry, a leadership team comprising industry veterans, sturdy finances, and a pan-India presence, has made the company their preferred partner and, a leader in the industry. With a purpose of ‘Putting India to Work’, TeamLease Digital is committed to be part of the growth story of the technology sector and people of India.

A professional journey of over 30 years with a blend of building & managing businesses, strategic thinking, leadership and making a difference in lives of many both in the Indian & International markets, Neeti has acquired domain expertise, is extremely passionate and operates at the intersection of Employment, Employability & Education

Neeti has had the opportunity to interact with various stakeholders and each interaction has been a learning experience. A lifelong learner, Neeti would like to highlight that while there have been many challenges that she has had to face during her professional journey, she has always come out of these difficult situations learning many valuable lessons.

From starting as a tech manager to setting up learning centers, to managing various national & international territories to creating new lines of businesses and organizations, Neeti has been able to learn the ropes of many areas of business and that has been the back bone of her current role.

As a women leader and entrepreneur, Neeti has always exhibited a can-do attitude and pushed forward. Navigating certain situations can be tricky, however, as a leader one has to remain focused on the larger goal and be prepared to take some risks. Neeti has forged a path of success through sheer determination and hard work. Through her journey, she has also strived to maintain a work-life balance and therefore ensure that personal and professional priorities are met in an equal manner.

As a strong campaigner for more women leaders in business and entrepreneurship, Neeti has paved the way for the next generation by being an inspiration across various online and offline platforms. She continues to inspire women through coaching and mentorship. With over 30 years of excellence, Neeti has led from the front and shown both men and women the path to sustained success.

As a leader, her approach has been to create an enabling environment for her teams, get the necessary and ensure that her teams perform and become successful. Being there for the team, constant communication and continuous feedback has helped her work with her teams better. Travelling, meeting new people, spending time with leaders, learning new skills, languages, and staying grounded through all this has helped her immensely through her journey.

Neeti has been listed as Top 200 women founders of EdTech companies by HolonIQ.