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Advisory Council 2017



  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Management in Industrial and Labour Studies
  • Diploma in Industrial and Labour Studies
  • Diploma in Personnel Management (IPMZ)
  • Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration training
  • Balance Scorecard Boot camp
  • Balance Scorecard Professional (BSP)
  • Balance Scorecard Master Professional (BSMP)-Balance Scorecard Institute & George Washington University
  • Africa HR Leadership Award-Global HR Congress (10 December 2014-Mauritius)
  • Certified Personality Profile Assessment-Thomas International
  • Various in-service training certificates
  • Arbitration training-Distinctive/Commercial Arbitration
  • 100 Most Influential Global HR Professionals Award Winner (India, 15 February, 2016)
Employment History
  • I have solid 20 years of experience in Human Resources function spanning from 1994 to date and 10 years of them accrued while executing senior management roles as follows:
  • 2003-Executive Officer (Government-MSMED) and then HR Officer in Private Sector (Caps Holdings) up to end of 2004
  • 2005-Human Resources Manager (Caps Holdings-Pharmaceutical Company)
  • 2009-Human Resources Manager-Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited
  • 2011-Human Resources Executive-Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited
  • 2012 to date-General Manager-Human Resources and Administration
  • Group HR Director-January 2016
Summary of Major Achievements
  • Overall Employer of Choice in Zimbabwe for 2013/14-Spearheaded the process and Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited is the current Zimbabwe's Employer of Choices out of 72 participating companies as adjudicated by Institute of People Management of Zimbabwe and Employers' Confederation of Zimbabwe (EMCOZ). The parameters looked at were compensation philosophy; Leadership styles; alignment with organizational goals; communication styles; organization culture; human resources policies and procedures; employee feedback; work life balance etc
  • Transformation journey-successfully spearheaded the transformation of the business in 2009. Many companies closed shops as a result of economic turbulent. The company has recorded significance growth after the transformation journey
  • Innovation of new performance management system (CABAL) IN 2013-Our performance management system was voluminous and laborious. I successfully designed a home grown performance management system as a departure from traditional ones and this resulted in workload simplification and also more time has been created for managers to focus on core business without reneging on management of performance. The company is becoming a reference point in this regard
  • Industrial Relations Stability-The protracted antagonistic situations between workers and management is now a thing of the past after introduction of some routines geared towards increasing interaction between the two parties. This has seen some oneness within the organization.
  • Succession Planning in 2012/2013-I spearheaded a successful succession planning process for the entire organization from 2011 after realizing that the bench strength within the company was low. We started by identifying individual SWOT through assessment of personalities; qualifications; performance gaps; training of individuals to create awareness and then made a decision to pair individuals with external mentors for one year. Most of the critical positions were not stop gapped by then. The process has now resulted in each critical position being stop gapped with at least two contenting individuals.
  • Integration of new acquisition in June 2013/14-I spearheaded successful integration of new acquisitions for the business through conducting HR Audits to identify weaknesses/strengths within new units and then designed change management framework/interventions like cultural change; performance management; industrial relations; employee engagement surveys etc. The change has been smooth.
  • Business Processes in 2009/2010-Commissioned some cultural surveys to understand problem areas within the business after realising our in ability to satisfy the markets by then. The process looked at People; Process; Structure and Cultural issues. Each intervention was designed to suit each specific identified the problem. The result has been positive and we are now able to meet market requirements.
  • IPC Best Employer Survey (#9 in 2010)
  • IPC Best Employer Survey (#6 in 2011)
  • Africa Best Employer Brand Award Winner for 2015/2016 (Issued by Employer Best Brands Institute in Mauritius on 8 December 2015)
  • Panel Discussion member on Africa Best Employer Brands in December 2015 (Mauritius)
  • Speaker on Performance Management in September/October 2015 (SA)
  • Speaker at forthcoming World HR Congress in India in February 2016 (Topic Building A Sustainable Leadership Pipeline in Organizations)
  • Team Dynamics Intervention/Leadership Coaching on Trust; Conflict Management; Commitment; Accountability and Results in 2015/2016
  • Building High Performance Teams through career mapping and development for critical positions in 2015/2016
  • Review of performance management to include 180/360 degree assessment-2015/2016
  • Completed Coaching and Mentoring Program in 2015