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Role Players 2023

Tushar Berlia

SaaS - Sales GTM | Enablement | Sales Coach | Building Startup's
Keka HR

As a Senior Manager Sales & Enablement at Keka HR, I lead the sales team in achieving and exceeding our revenue goals by developing and implementing effective GTM strategies, processes, and automation. I also coach and train the team to optimize their performance and customer engagement, leveraging my strong expertise in SaaS sales, CRM, and analytics.

With over five years of experience in SaaS and sales, I have contributed to the growth and success of Keka HR, a leading cloud HR platform, by cracking the startup ICP and generating more than 30% of the revenue. I have also worked with leaders across business functions to drive key metrics for customer success and build better sales processes. I am passionate about challenging the status quo and innovating with process and people training. I believe true leadership is about being knowledgeable and sharing, coaching, and empowering future leaders to follow their purpose and passion.