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Role Players 2023

Sunitha Bharadwaj

Founder and CEO
BK2WRK and Vruthii

An Accidental entrepreneur - enjoyed every moment of it. Founder of Atriium; Unicorn Ideas; Bk2Wrk and Vruthii.
A hands on entrepreneur, who has a fire in the belly and adrenaline for startups. She curate New Ventures.
On having failed in her first venture, she did not take a back seat but helped many a founders especially women preneurs in their ventures.
She went on to start her next venture which is into Diversity and Inclusion – BK2WRK. She helps women return to work. She helps young women in building their confidence back to return to work.
She has rolled a new initiative ELEVATE-PRO to help daughters of House Maids, Car Cleaning, Laundry and Security personnel.
Bk2Wrk helps these young girls in up skilling and prepare them for job interviews which creates a significant positive impact on their lives and future opportunities. They are helping young women with the skills and support to succeed in the job market. Sunitha says, "We want to empower them and to break the cycle of limited opportunities and create brighter futures for themselves and their families."
Her other venture VRUTHII works with Start Ups and Corporates for their hiring needs. VRUTHII goes two steps ahead by conducting 3 rounds of interview and give only the selected candidates to the corporates, thereby reducing the hiring managers' efforts.

She also founder of Two forums for Women
1. Back to Work - an inclusive forum for women, which helps women to get back to work force after the break. The forum helps women to discuss their apprehensions, overcome their fears.
2. Home Preneurs - a forum for women home preneurs. A market place for home Preneurs to market the products.