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Role Players 2023

Shweta Bhatnagar

Assistant Vice President - Human Resources
Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Ltd.

Ms. Shweta Bhatnagar is an accomplished and visionary professional currently serving as the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources at Tata AIA Life Insurance. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and expertise in various fields, including business development, Client Servicing, Learning & Development (L&D), and Organisational Development, social governance, social entrepreneurship and shaping employee experience.

As the Assistant Vice President of Human Resources, Ms. Bhatnagar plays a pivotal role in driving employee engagement and experience, employee health and wellness and communication, and portfolios that are part of social governance at Tata AIA Life Insurance. Her strategic approach to managing a dynamic workforce ecosystem has been instrumental in enhancing organizational success and employee satisfaction.

A strong advocate of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I), Ms. Bhatnagar's passion for continuous growth and understanding has led her to achieve an impressive array of qualifications. She holds a Bachelor of Science, Masters of Business Administration with a Specialization in Finance, and a Master of Science in Applied Psychology with a Major in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Her dedication to holistic learning is further showcased through her pursuit of an advanced degree in Indian Culture and Philosophy.

Beyond her corporate responsibilities, Ms. Bhatnagar is a true humanitarian and a catalyst for positive change. She is the founder of the NGO "Gyan Darshan Say Marg Darshan Jan Kalyan Samiti," which focuses on empowering and enabling marginalized communities through youth skilling and empowerment programs. The unique aspect of her NGO lies in its pure reliance on the concept of skill and time donation, emphasizing her commitment to fostering a culture of giving back and community support.

Apart from her professional achievements, Ms. Bhatnagar is a multi-talented individual known by her pen name "Irriteshwari" for her prowess in Hindi, Urdu, and English poetry. Her poetic expressions stir the soul and offer solace to the heart, reflecting her artistic inclination and innate ability to infuse creativity into all aspects of her life.

Ms. Shweta Bhatnagar's unparalleled expertise, profound insights, and commitment to fostering inclusive and thriving work environments make her a sought-after candidate for events and conferences seeking transformative leadership.

To connect with Ms. Shweta Bhatnagar or experience the beauty of her poetic expressions, you can explore her blog at

As a visionary leader, champion of progressive HR practices, and a poetic soul who finds inspiration and beauty in the art of language and expression, Ms. Shweta Bhatnagar continues to leave a lasting impact on the world around her.