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Role Players 2023

Roheena Nagpal

CDO - Chief Design Officer
Plank And Weave, India

Roheena Nagpal, a visionary entrepreneur and design maven, stands as a testament to resilience, innovation, and the power of self-belief. As the Chief Design Officer of Plank And Weave, Roheena has been instrumental in steering the brand to new heights, blending luxurious design with environmental responsibility.
Her journey, marked by determination and an unyielding spirit, began with her early forays into the world of design and entrepreneurship. Over the years, she has founded and scaled multiple brands, each reflecting her unique design philosophy and commitment to excellence. Her ventures, including the renowned Atelier Homes and L'Orange, have left an indelible mark on the design landscape.
Roheena's academic pursuits, encompassing banking, finance, interior design, landscape design, and more, from esteemed institutions like Symbiosis Pune and NID Ahmedabad, have equipped her with a holistic understanding of business and design. Additionally, her role as an Industry Academia Advisory Board member at Indira College of Engineering and Management showcases her commitment to bridging the gap between academia and industry.
Her accolades, including the Best Manufacturer Award for Plank And Weave in 2023 and being featured in Femina Pune's Most Powerful List 2016-17, are a testament to her prowess and impact in the industry.
Beyond her professional achievements, Roheena is a passionate advocate for financial independence, especially among women. Her belief in constructive feedback, progress over perfection, and her vision for a future where design is both luxurious and sustainable make her a sought-after voice in industry discussions.
Roheena's journey, marked by challenges and triumphs, serves as an inspiration to many, making her a fitting participant for discussions that envision the future of industries.