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Role Players 2023

Navneet Kaur

CEO & Co-Founder
Femtech India

Navneet is a highly accomplished business professional who has successfully transitioned into the realm of FemTech entrepreneurship. With wealth of experience in the business world, she has emerged as a dynamic leader in the field of entrepreneurship.
Throughout her career, Navneet has collaborated closely with various government entities, showcasing her ability to navigate complex regulatory environments. Notably, she single-handedly launched her alcohol retail businesses in three different states, demonstrating her astute business acumen and strategic prowess. Her work has also brought her into partnerships with esteemed organizations such as the Government of Karnataka, Mysore Sales International, and the Government of Tamil Nadu, among others.
Presently, Navneet serves as the co-founder of FemTech India, the nation's pioneering platform dedicated to providing perceptive resources on women's health innovation. FemTech India's ecosystem offers exclusive industry research, valuable insights, contemporary news, and connections with industry leaders, all designed to empower women's health. For Navneet, FemTech symbolizes women's safety, freedom, and independence, underpinned by the belief that women should have autonomy over their bodies and access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.
Stepping into the relatively new field of FemTech in India, Navneet's confidence in this high-impact idea stands as one of her most significant achievements in entrepreneurship. Her commitment to this groundbreaking path is unwavering, reflecting her passion for advancing women's health in the country.
Navneet is also the host of 'The FemTech India Podcast,' a unique platform for engaging with founders, innovators, policymakers, and public health professionals in the FemTech arena.
In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Navneet is a prominent representative of women's health within the G20, contributing her expertise to advance this critical global agenda. Her commitment to women's health and her groundbreaking work in FemTech make her a trailblazer in the field, dedicated to reshaping the future of healthcare for women around the world.