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Role Players 2023

Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan

Founder & Director
PlayStreet Specially Abled Educare Trust

One of the most respected and awarded specialist, Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan is a Relationship Development Intervention Consultant for guiding families with children in Autism Spectrum and other developmental disabilities with various cutting-edge services through her organisation called "PlayStreet Specially Abled Educare Trust", in Bangalore, India. Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan and her organisation has been helping children with different and additional needs for over a decade to help them realize their full potential through empowering parents by imparting the knowledge on latest researches, approaches and treatment. Her areas of expertise to help families with autism spectrum disorders, PDD/NOS, ADD/ADHD, OCD, Asperger's, depression, developmental trauma and other communication, attention, behavioural and learning disorders. The cornerstone of her approach includes relationship based, trauma-informed, sensory and motor backed approaches to help the individuals mainly in autism spectrum disorders and ADHD.
She integrates principles of relationship development intervention with theory of secured attachment and trauma informed practice. She is also an expert in Oral placement therapy, feeding therapy, Alternative and augmentative communication, language stimulation, sensory integration and motor development, and rhythm-based music and movement programs. She is well aware of importance of diet and nutrition for the treatment of above listed conditions.
She is an expert in helping families to develop guiding relationship with their children to help children connect to their environment and it on their own by developing intrinsic motivation through working on coregulation which is the most important foundation of mental development of children. This approach is very different from other autism interventions of training the children with countless drills without presuming competence and believing individuals competency and self-esteem.
From the inception of PlayStreet since 2012, the journey of PlayStreet has been rewarding as it has curated many meaningful services and awareness programs to help the families and individuals with special needs. Mini Dwivedi Gopinathan has been awarded at many platforms for her contributions to bring excellence in supporting families with special needs in many different ways. Some of her accolades are "Women icons award 2017 by BERG Singapore for innovation and excellence in Special Education", "Goodwill Ambassador 2018 for spreading awareness on inclusion of children with Special Needs with Sanrakshan Pte. Ltd. Singapore and Faith Foundation, India", "Pioneering Woman Leader at the World Women Leadership Congress in February 2020", "Iconic Women Leader Award for excellence and leadership in September 2021 by Asia-GCC".
She is also a TEDx Speaker 2022.
Her depth of work is leading the way toward understanding the underlying nature of autism spectrum disorders and their causes.