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Role Players 2023

Kavitha Rajan

Vice President, Sales (India and South Asia)
ADP India Private Limited

With an illustrious career spanning over 25 years, Kavitha Rajan stands out as a growth-oriented and passionate sales business unit leader. Her experience, deeply rooted in sales, partner management, and marketing, has been enriched by her tenure with global giants such as ADP, IBM, Ramco, and Wipro, specifically in the realms of Global Payroll, Human Capital Management, and IT solutions. Not just an industry veteran, Kavitha is also recognized for her collaborative leadership characterized by a cooperative ethos and an unwavering problem-solving acumen, which has been pivotal in achieving business turnarounds and sculpting high-performing, inclusive teams. Above all, Kavitha champions a customer-first philosophy, making it her mission to foster partnerships that pave the way for mutual success.