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Role Players 2023

Asha Sampath

Brand Horizon

Asha Sampath is the founder of Brand Horizon, a renowned brand consulting firm that specializes in providing comprehensive branding solutions from ABC to XYZ. She holds the qualifications of an FCA (Fellow Chartered Accountant) and ACS (Associate Company Secretary) and has completed a management development program in the UK, showcasing her commitment to professional growth and expertise in her field.
Before establishing Brand Horizon, Asha Sampath had a diverse career trajectory that encompassed various leadership roles both in India and abroad. She served as the Managing Director for India in a European multinational corporation, where she held executive board responsibilities and managed the profit and loss (PNL) of two strategic business units (SBUs). This experience highlights her ability to lead and oversee complex operations within a multinational setting.
Asha Sampath has also served as an independent director for Toyota Financial Services, contributing her expertise to the governance and strategic direction of the organization. Currently, she is actively involved in running Brand Horizon while simultaneously serving as an Independent Director on the boards of two companies listed with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India).
Asha Sampath's expertise in branding and leadership is highly regarded, as she frequently participates as a guest speaker and panelist in premier institutions and industry forums. Her presence in these events showcases her thought leadership and willingness to share insights and knowledge with others on topics of Branding ,Sustainability and Digital transformation.