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Role Players 2022

Vikram Bhaskar

Chief Business Officer

Vikram Bhaskar is the Chief Business Officer at BetterPlace. With over 19 years of experience, having worked with industry leading organizations like, Quikr, Times Internet, and HDFC Bank, Vikram has built a niche skill of understanding what goes into building robust business growth while at the same time scaling up a platform play.

Prior to joining BetterPlace, as a Chief Revenue Officer at, he was responsible for generating new business and growing the overall revenue of the company. Prior to that he worked at Quikr Bazaar where he was able to build a large network of Quikr owned and franchise stores across India to tap into India's strong SMB network.

Through his experience, Vikram developed a keen interest in India's vast network of frontline workers and enterprises. He could see the impact of the country's vast pool of workforce and what could be achieved if the system is streamlined. This motivated him to join BetterPlace to be part of this mission of creating a better place for enterprises and workers in India and abroad.

At BetterPlace, Vikram is leveraging his expertise to build an entire business that is aimed at improving the wellbeing of blue-collar workforce by giving them access to services like insurance, credit and upskilling courses. He is working closely with teams across the board to build a robust network which aims to chart out a career path for blue-collar workers in India, while at the same time giving them access to tools to improve their wellbeing, a first of its kind initiative in the world.

Vikram has completed his PGDMM in Sales & Marketing with The Times School of Marketing.