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Role Players 2021


Executive Escalation Management Expert

Dr. Garima Mishra is a cloud and data centre technology specialist with over two decades of experience in enterprise business and technologies. She is an author, innovator, and doctoral research scholar.

Garima is well-known as a speaker, mentor, and participant in business and diversity summits and seminars. Sheis an executive escalation management expert in cutting-edge technologies like Cloud and datacentre and she resolvescustomer problems leading the team, collaborating with various partners and business units.

Customers Success, e-commerce, DEI and transformance are just a few of the topics Garima has researched.Employee involvement, change management, and leadership are among other topics that have been researched by her. After much study and reflection, she penned a book on the topic of gender diversity.

Throughout college, she was a standout student, earning a first placein degree from Bangalore University and various awards for her dynamic contributions.

She organised inter-college competitions as a master's student and received many academic and extracurricular honours for her efforts.

With her leadership roles as School leader, senior scout leader, and prize-winner in many sports, debate,and cultural events (dancing, singing, theatre), she has shown her skills as a leader, speaker and dynamismwhile still in school.

For Garima, the aim is to assist other women succeed in STEM areas, business functions, as well as leadership positions. She also wishes to bring in more diversity in the current working force with her diversity ideas and plan.

Garima is a visionary working to educate women on how to recognize and grab the future opportunitiesby learning new skills, grooming and be successful.